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Colour Surface Hardener (CSH) Colours

Patterned concrete is available in a wide range of colours to suit you exact needs, here are some of our client's favourites feel free to play with the patterns to check your choice!

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Ashlar Slate

Country Cobble

Random Stone

London Cobble

European Fan

London Cobble

The above colours are for a guide only, the finished product will look realistic once the release agents (below) are added during the laying process. Please see our gallery for a range of examples.

Antique Release Agent (RA) Available Colours

Release Agent (RA) colours are designed to complement Colour surface Hardener (CSH) colours when used in the patterned concrete laying process. All of RA colours are UV stable and consistent from batch to batch.

Stain Etching Colours

Stain Etching Colours are a blend of mineral salts in a mildly acidic solution which, when applied to concrete surgaces, react with free lime to form permanent colours surfaces without risk of peeling or flaking.

PLEASE NOTE: The grey base colour is a typical concrete colour which, when stained produces the colours as shown. Variances in the base colour will change resulting colour effects.

All colours on this page have been reproduced as accurately as the screen will allow.

Patterned concrete out-performs block paving, tarmac & flagstones, is longer lasting and requires less maintenance.