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Patterned Concrete Laying Process

Our laying process is fast and efficient minimising any disruption to you and your property

Typical drive before installation

Excavation of the existing driveway or path

Removal and disposal of all materials

Dolomite laid and compacted to form a stable sub-base

Existing drain covers replaced

ACO drainage installed as required

Construction of steps

High strength fibre matrix concrete laid and levelled

The concrete is trowel finished with a magnesium bull-float

The colour hardener is applied by hand

The colour hardener is then mixed with the contract using a steel float

The concrete is then allowed to harden before imprinting

Release agent powder is applied before imprinting

Mould mats are applied to the concrete to suit the pattern of your choice

Stress relief cuts are made and sealed on large areas to prevent cracking

The drive and property are fully cleaned

Acrylic sealer is applied, sealing the concrete - making the suface impervious to oil and dirt

Your finished drive is now - Free from moss, weeds, sinking and stains

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